Trusted Diploma

by Emercoin

Trusted Diploma is built on blockchain technology that is decentralized, authenticated and resistant to tampering. All of the above makes it perfect for storing academic certificates.

Trust is a core element in our daily lives. In the world of digital mass communications flooded with ‘fake news,’ it’s increasingly important to know how to verify ‘truth’ whether it’s a news story or the credentialing of a person handling your health. In healthcare, it can be a matter of life or death if one, for example, might have accidentally chosen a sham doctor.

Today, such documents are in high demand; the average price for them is between $500 and $2,500. And when you compare it with the average tuition fee of $80,000+ students pay for the real four-year degree, it becomes clear any person can buy them, even your colleagues.

Imagine a world where medical patients could automatically trust the diplomas on a doctors’ walls. Or a world where job recruiters could easily confirm that applicants had actually graduated from the colleges on their resumes. A world where you could find and share your education credentials online without fear that hackers might alter or expunge them.

The benefits of this world would be virtually limitless. Professional services would be safer, smarter and more effective, increasing consumer confidence and business growth. Companies would avoid hiring people that represented ‘fake news’ about their actual skills or credentials. We would all enjoy greater confidence in an online job market that is simpler, more secure and more trusted.

We are closer to this reality than you might think, thanks to a game-changing blockchain innovation being developed by Emercoin.

  • According to Employers Choice Screening, every year people buy roughly 200,000 degrees around the world
  • 30% of job candidates lie about their education on their résumé or job application
  • Companies selling fake diplomas earn $51m a year

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Want to protect your diplomas?

You can create records of your diplomas

How it works

Emercoin’s Trusted Diploma system is based on unique Name Value Storage (NVS) capability. It is completely secure and easy to use.
  1. Download and install Emercoin Wallet
    You can do it on the Emercoin official website by going to the wallet-download tab. It won't take much time, as the downloading and setup can be done in two clicks.
  2. Сreate a record and publicly confirm that this entry belongs to you
    You need to enter your company's name into the «name» field. As an example - «UNIVERSITYNAME».
    This way it creates an analogue of Round Certificate seal. In future, all diplomas provided by this university, are signed using this original record.
  3. Start creating diploma records
    Create the name of the diploma record (for example, dpo: Universityname: AA01:0),fill in information about diploma, indicate a time depth of the diploma record and sign this record
  4. Verify the signature
    Enter your name and the address of the diploma you've registered and get «true» in the result

Also, you can do a mass recording

This is only a one time setting operation. SN Publisher automatically connects and launches the Emercoin wallet. It will give the wallet commands to create, sign and publish a huge number of records in the blockchain - serial numbers related to your diplomas.

Will be useful for

Advantage For University

Every university wants to protect its diplomas, make them impossible to copy and hack. Trusted Diploma ensures universities and students can enjoy many benefits:

  • every distributed certificate always remains valid;
  • students can easily verify their diplomas, even many years after their graduation or if the educational facility ceases to exist;
  • higher security increases the value of diplomas on the job market;
  • certifications are authentic and counterfeit-proof;
  • higher security increases the value of diplomas on the job market;
  • ability to store information securely.
For Employer

Risking hard-won reputation by hiring new stuff is the last thing any employer wants. With the new system by Emercoin, they don’t have to make a lot of calls and mailing, trying to verify the credibility of every candidate. Trusted Diploma brings:

  • the transparency of every received résumé;
  • an easy to use tool for verification of any certification or diploma by their unique numbers;
  • “Trusted Diploma” simple functional helps to save time while gathering information. It takes only a few minutes to check;
  • a solution to detect any fraudulent diplomas;
  • opportunity to check a diploma of graduate from another country.

According to recent research by Employers Choice Screening, 30% of job candidates lie about their education on their résumé or job application. Integration of blockchain technology into social media or professional networking site solves this problem and makes such sites a valuable and reliable resource for headhunters.

For employment-oriented services

For business employment-oriented services it’s

  • possibility to verify user’s diplomas, certificates and other documents.
  • opportunity to provide employers with verified information
For the graduate

For the graduate:

  • ensure competitiveness of his/her diploma;
  • ability to instantly provide access to information about the diploma to any employer all around the world.
The university is already using innovative Trusted Diploma system and guarantees that graduates can verify the authenticity of diplomas. It successfully integrates high technologies into operations and provides students with the opportunity to become competitive employers on the international market.
Business and Technology University
Located at “Silicon Valley Tbilisi”, Tbilisi, Georgia
The mission of the university through creating entrepreneurial ecosystem and integrating with business high technologies, raise students’ motivation and provide them with the opportunity to become competitive work force not only on the local but also on the international market.

Trusted Diploma presentation


Trusted Diploma will help us all combat growing levels of manipulation and corruption and ensure that the education credentials we see online are valid. We urge everyone to join our effort, which will improve professional services and protect people from dangerous fraud in the health care, legal, real estate and other sectors.
Eugene Shumilov, CEO of Emercoin
Trusted Diploma provides a vital new service to BTU administrators and graduates. We are very happy to work with the innovative Emercoin team on this crucially important project. The Trusted Diploma platform will help our school build a secure and immutable database of education certificates, which will help our graduates as they pursue successful careers.
Mikheil Batiashvili, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia
Higher education institutions, governments, employers and societies generally, in both developed and developing countries, are far too complacent about the growth of corrupt practices, either assuming that these vices occur somewhere else or turning a deaf ear to rumors of malpractice in their own organizations. The needs of societies cannot be met if graduates do not have the competencies that higher education institutions purport to have given them.
John Daniel, in a report to UNESCO and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
The need for this technology is pervasive. Much like the little ‘check mark’ on Twitter or Facebook profiles, companies like LinkedIn or could use this to validate the data represented on profiles, ensuring that data is tamper-proof and accurate. Blockchain is a core technology enabling greatly improved efficiency in the way governments, businesses and institutions deliver systems and services to people around the world. Emercoin is harnessing that technology to make sure those solutions are flexible, user-friendly and available for everyone.
Bill Tai, Venture capitalist, an Emercoin advisor

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About Us

Emercoin, an emerging leader in secure, distributed blockchain business services, is designing a ground-breaking blockchain-based system that will enable graduates to store and share verifiable diplomas and other education certificates on an encrypted and secure app.

Emercoin is a blockchain platform supporting a wide range of distributed trusted services, hybrid mining (PoW+Merged Mining+PoS) and numerous technical solutions. Emercoin is considered to be one of the most secure cryptocurrencies on the market due to its strong security policy!

Meet the Emercoin Team

Oleg Khovayko
Oleg Khovayko
CTO of Emercoin | Cryptography and Financial Expert
Has a strong background in the realm of finance and specializes in the technical aspects of blockchains and cryptography.
Eugene Shumilov
Eugene Shumilov
Founder and CEO
A proponent of distributed computing and open source projects, he is sure that the Emercoin blockchain will provide a stable, transparent and reliable environment for business and individual projects.
Eugene Merenkov
Eugene Merenkov
Senior Software Engineer
Focuses on improving Emercoin's currency and blockchain offerings through the testing and development of new technology.
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Mikhail Voevodskiy
Integration Architect and co-founder EmerSchool
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Stan Polozov
Blockchain Implementation Specialist, Europe
An accomplished career in the technology industry. Provides insight into how Emercoin can be integrated with existing architecture.
Dmitri Krylov, PhD
Dmitri Krylov, PhD
Chief Implementations Officer, U.S.A.
Dmitri brings 20 years of experience in Informatics, Team Management, and B2B and Government Contracting. He has built and managed teams in industrial scale IT systems for health/medical and social enterprises. He is an intermittent contributor to Open Source projects.